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Questions Clients Ask

You may be searching the Internet for an attorney, or perhaps you have scheduled an appointment to see us. I understand that hiring counsel can be a daunting task, particularly for folks that have not had substantial involvement in the legal system. You may be facing a crisis situation, where freedom, financial security, or both are at stake. And the decision about hiring counsel will be one of the most important ones you will make in your life. Knowing this, I have tried to put together some answers to frequently asked questions that clients will be concerned about. My answers are intended to give you a sense of who I am, and most importantly, the core values of our firm.

What Qualities Should a Client Look for in an Attorney?

What is the Ultimate Goal of your Representation?

What Defines the Attorney-Client Relationship?

What Differentiates your Firm from any Other Firm?

What can a Client Expect From your Firm?

What Level of Attention Do Clients Expect?

What Kind of Cases Do You Work on?

What Skills Do You Offer Clients?

What Kind of Clients Do You Represent?

What Value Do You Bring to Clients?