About Us

Our firm takes a holistic approach to representing our clients. That approach entails devoting the time and effort in getting to know our clients’ story and history, as well as their family and community relationships.  In order to best represent our clients, we want to know and portray who they are and the positive contributions they have made. Too often clients are viewed unfairly from the narrow perspective of a criminal investigation or civil dispute.

Our firm’s practice is built upon cultivating a team of experts and a collaborative approach to litigation. This is a distinct alternative to the big firm model. We believe that one size does not fit all. Our firm invests a great deal of its resources in building and engaging in strategic relationships with other law firms, experts, and consultants to put together the best possible team. More often than not, it is impossible for one law firm – no matter what its size – to provide this broad array of services. We realize that each client and their circumstances are unique, and by building this collaboration of expertise, it enables us to offer a diverse approach in representing our clients.